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COOPER & HUNTER Air Conditioner Error Codes


E0 – excess of the lower threshold starting voltage. Run frequency control.

Е1 – excess pressure. Starting the compressor protection system.

E2 – the threat of freezing of the indoor unit. Start the security system.

E3 – lowering the allowable pressure threshold. Starting the compressor protection system.

E4 – exceeding the permissible temperature of the injection tube. Start the security system.

E5 – compressor overload. Start the security system.

E6 – connection / operation error signal or power cable.

E7 – the established modes of the split system do not match.

E8 – evaporator overheating. Start the security system.

Е9 – launch of the protection system against cold air supply in thermal mode.

F0 – failure of the temperature discharge sensor.

F1 – evaporator temperature sensor failure.

F2 – failure of the condenser temperature sensor.

F3 – breakdown of the air temperature sensor in the system.

F4 – failure of the supercharger temperature sensor.

F5 – failure of the compressor discharge tube sensor.

F6 – condenser overheating.

F7 – insufficient lubrication in compressor crankcase.

F8 – the compressor is overloaded. Start the security system.

F9 – exceeding the maximum temperature of the condenser due to the decrease in fan speed during cooling. The compressor is overloaded.

FF – one of the phases is missing / an error in the operation of the phase monitor.

FA – condenser / evaporator overheating. Start the security system.

FH – the threat of freezing evaporator. Start the security system.

H0 – overheating protection activated.

H1 – condenser defrost mode activated.

H2 – error in the electrostatic filter. Start the security system.

H3 – exceeding the permissible temperature of the compressor. Start the security system.

H4 – system error.

H5 – start the protection system of the IPM inverter unit.

H6 – sensor failure. Lost feedback signal from fan motor.

H7 – the compressor is faulty.

H8 – drainage system is full. Launch protection.

H9 – failure of the electric heater of the indoor unit.



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